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Hello, and welcome to Southern Dezires, and thank you for visiting us today. We are a home-band craft business, located in Leland, North Carolina. Even though we just started Southern Dezires in 2017 we have been making products for ourselves, family and friends for years. When you have a talent you love and others love and enjoy something you have made it makes you feel good. This is what motivates us into taking the next step into this business journey with people like you. This business was started to allow our family more quality time together, because of the demands of. modern life most families struggle with this. Having our own business means we have the freedom to work on projects that have meaning to us. The freedom to be creative as we like and to have the ability to make others homes smell and look FABULOUS!

Our name "DeZires", with a "Z". Why?

Because it is unique and the South is where we come from.

And when you Dezire something.

You get it because you want it!

Candles Facts

          It is possible for some candles to develop a light flaky appearance.  This is called "frosting" and it is very common with candles made from so wax.  This will not effect the candle when if burns or effect the scent of the candle.  We do not issue refunds for this as this is a normal trat of soy candles.